There are different skin types and conditions and many of them can benefit from silk. That’s because of the properties of this smooth fabric. Silk can be a great help if you’re dealing with eczema, dry or sensitive skin, allergies, and acne. You wonder why? Here are explanations for the above-mentioned skin conditions:

Eczema (sometimes called atopic dermatitis): silk is incredibly breathable and it naturally controls heat. One of the problems of overheating is that it makes you feel itchy. With silk, this doesn’t happen.

Dry skin, sensitive skin: as you may have already heard, silk doesn’t pull water out of your skin and hair (while other fabrics such as cotton, do that). But what does that mean in practice? You will notice a better hydration of your skin: hydrated skin looks smoother and your facial lines are less noticeable, so there is also an anti-age effect!

Irritated skin: silk has long, smooth, soft, and gentle fibers that don’t rub or irritate the skin. Sleeping on silk won’t make you feel itchy.

Allergies: since silk doesn’t hold on to moisture like other fabrics, there is less bacteria, fungi, mold etc. which can aggravate allergies.  

Acne: silk doesn’t pull natural oils from your hair like other fabrics would. Simply explained this means that there’s no oil from your hair on your pillowcase which would later get on your skin and cause acne. 

In this video from Dr Dray, a dermatologist and skincare enthusiast, you can double-check all this information about the benefits of silk for your skin.

Sleeping on silk truly is a “beauty sleep”! All that in such a comfortable, soft, and smooth way! :)

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