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Facial skin problems and maskne? Check expert’s advice!

Have you experienced more irritation, acne or facial skin damage lately? Do you assume wearing the mask affected it? You are probably right! Dermatologists have reported seeing more acne breakouts over the past few months and the word “MASKNE” (acne, produced by wearing the mask) has even been added to the Urban Dictionary. Isn’t this crazy? I know that accepting and loving your skin when it’s not looking its best can be truly hard… sometimes it makes you wanna hide away from the world. But in cases like this it’s even more important to be kind, gentle and patient with yourself and your skin. We have a simple, gentle & smooth solution to help you deal with it and increase your everyday life quality

A reusable mask, made from silk:

carefully created to be gentle with your sensitive facial skin and let it breath. This way moisture doesn’t trap between the fabric and your skin, which causes overgrowth of bacteria.

But you don’t have to take our word for it - here are just a few of the professional advice:

Dr Jessica WU, dermatologist (Los Angeles): “I advise against any coverings with synthetic fibers, because many synthetic fabric blends are treated with chemicals that can irritate the skin, and they don’t tend to be breathable.“

Dr Dendy Endelman, dermatologist (New York): All skin types will see some form of irritation from wearing a face mask if they are wearing them for extended amounts of time each day. Silk is the best choice, as it reduces friction against the skin.

Dr Adam Mamelak, dermatologist (Austin): “The best cloth option for your skin is a mask made from silk or silk-lined materials, because silk has antimicrobial properties and has been shown to be better for people with sensitive skin.“

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  • Żivjo.

    Imate kje fotografije in si lahko izberem barve? Kakšna je cena svilenih mask in kako se perejo?

    Żelela bi si jih namreč naročiti.

    Lepo pozdravljeni.

    Ana K.


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