SILK vs. SATIN – inbed



If you’ve ever owned a satin morning gown there’s a good chance it was made of polyester. If your answer is yes, then you are also familiar with the sensation, called sweating, as soon as you wear it for more then 5 minutes. Why you may ask?

Polyester is a synthetic fiber which means it is artificial. It is basically plastic and it's not very breathable...

Although it is resilient and very easy to take care of it's not that great for sleeping or lounging around. At first touch, the pleasantly cold material turns into a very warm base during the night, especially in the warmer seasons, which makes us sweat.

This is where we get to silk, which is a natural fiber. Its structure is closest to human skin, that's why we like to call it "second skin".
And it is a material that really breathes. Yes, it is at least 10 times more expensive than satin, softer, and also more delicate. But if we take care of it properly, it will serve us for a very long time and will be the best investment in your sleep or everyday moments of self-care.

Satin polyester and satin silk have a very similar appearance. I tried both myself and I think it's clear which one is closer to my heart;)

It is up to you to choose YOUR comfort. What will it be like?



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