Our misson is to create lots of self-care moments in your normal day to day.

INBED was Founded in 2019 by Klara Leben with the vision to encourage women to create self-care moments in their everyday life.

At the end of the day, all that matters in how YOU feel. You are always #inbedwithyourself and the smallest things and feelings can change your whole day for the better. We believe that luxury aren't things but your experience with them🤍

That's why we use as pure and gentle fabrics such as SILK and LINEN. Clothing and bedding is something that is the closest to your body and your skin. Since skin is your largest organ it is very exposed to materials you wear and sleep on.

That’s why it’s so important to choose breathable materials which are good for your skin, your comfort and health. This way you increase the quality of your everyday, and with that, the quality of your life :)

**All our products are Ethically Made and sourced.


Can't wait to be ''inbed'' with you!